6 Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Every year, it is estimated that more than 1 million drivers get arrested for DUI related charges. About 1/3 of the accidents result in fatalities. If you are one of the victims, you should hire an experienced DUI lawyer to get back the compensation you deserve for covering the damages. The following are 6 benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer.

Up to Date Knowledge on DUI

DWI lawyers have up to date knowledge about DUI laws. They are familiar with the DUI requirements such as testing blood for alcohol, and sobriety test. They can identify issues that lead to a lesser sentence for your case. They also know the legal deadlines for the filings. For example, you must request police dashcam footage before the deadline otherwise it will be difficult to obtain evidence for police misconduct.

Suggest Options Reduce Sentence/Dismissal

Every case has different consequences. The consequence can be even more serious if you have committed a DUI offence for more than one time. An established DUI attorney can navigate the regulations around the DUI cases and help you find a solution even if had been arrested on DUI charges multiple times. DUI attorney can discuss with you all the available options. For example, he can tell you about a DUI program that you can participate so that you can get reduced sentence/dismissal upon completion. He can also negotiate with the local prosecutors to reach agreement on a plea bargain.

Access to Relevant People in the Field

DUI lawyer has access to a lot of people in the DUI field. They know a lot of local officers and judges. They know which officer can be trusted and is qualified to administer sobriety tests. Because they know these key people, they could help you talk to them and persuade them to give a lesser sentence. For example, the lawyer can help you persuade the prosecutor to alternate the charges so that you only pay a fine or attend counselling instead of having to go through a harsh sentence.

Help You Reinstate Your Driving License

Many people lost their driving licenses after committing DUI offences. Losing your driving license doesn’t mean you cannot drive a car anymore. If you seek help from a DUI lawyer, he can also help you to present your case persuasively to the state motor vehicle department so that you get your driving license back. DUI attorney can help you to reinstate your license for various reasons including underage use of alcohol, did not pay traffic ticket fine, did not attend a court hearing and demerits on the driving license.

Offer Sound Advice

DUI attorney can give you sound advice, for example, he can tell you what you should not say and in what situation you should not take a stand on your defence. He can advise you on the best steps to take for the case, for example, whether to bargain for a smaller sentence. The answer he gives will depend on many factors in the case including criminal history.

Help You Avoid Charges

DUI attorney can help you to avoid charges if you are not yet being charged by the opponent. The attorney can evaluate your case and determine whether any mistake has been made by the police during the arrest. On the other hand, it also doesn’t mean that you will be found guilty if you are charged by the opponent. The attorney can review all the evidence and reports to look for a loophole that the opponent is wrong in accusing you. The attorney can also help you challenge the result of the blood test if the equipment used is not properly calibrated.

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