Are You Confused with UK CBD Law?

If you find UK CBD law confusing, you don’t need to feel sorry for yourself. Many people get confused about the legality of CBD products. The first source of confusion is history. There is a time in UK when hemp and products from hemp are illegal. 

This is right after World War I. During that time, people still confuse hemp with marijuana. That time, marijuana was becoming popular and as we all know, marijuana is a psychoactive plant. As the years go by, more research has been conducted about hemp. 

Eventually, scientists have discovered that unlike marijuana, hemp is not psychoactive. Therefore, all products derived from hemp are also not psychoactive. These include CBD capsules UK and CBD spray UK. It is easy to confuse hemp with marijuana. 

The two plants are related. Both also contain CBD. However, CBD products derived from marijuana contain significant amounts of THC, the substance in marijuana that can get you high. Now, hemp is legal in the UK. 

If you want to grow hemp in UK, however, you need to get a license. It is also legal to sell hemp CBD products. It is, however, not allowed to sell CBD products as medicine. They can only be sold as cosmetics or food supplements. 

This is the reason why you won’t see medical claims in hemp CBD products. Since it is legal to sell CBD products, it is also perfectly legal to buy them. So if you want to try CBD go ahead and buy one. 


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