Cumberland Law Group, LLC: Tips for Finding Tax Attorneys in Georgia

One of the worst situations that you need to deal with annually includes taxes that could be frustrating and overwhelming. It does not matter if you are entering financial difficulties or not because you will need someone to help you deal with the resolution, among other things.

The best way to prevent financial strains from hurting your current situation is by finding a professional tax attorney representing you throughout the process.

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Generally, we are talking about lawyers that have undergone special training to handle both business and personal income taxes. They can also serve as a financial consultant and legal adviser, an essential consideration you should remember.

Generally, they need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finances and a law degree and pass the state bar exam. Finally, they need a relevant license that allows them to practice the law.

Common Situations When You Should Find a Tax Lawyer

We have mentioned above that tax attorneys can assist you with numerous financial and tax situations, among other things.

You should also remember that they could provide you legal representation in case of a criminal matter, which is another crucial consideration you should remember.

Generally, an attorney is vital for helping you avoid jail time and fines. At the same time, they can provide you with information that will allow you to remove a tax lien against your business or personal assets.

You can also avoid frozen bank accounts and garnished wages due to tax-related problems that are happening. Another essential way of representation is to call a legal professional to help you throughout the audit process.

As soon as the IRS decides to audit your personal or business finances, you should find legal counsel in the form of an attorney to represent you.

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That way, the attorney can quickly speak on your behalf and help you deal with frustrating and challenging financial terms and issues you entered.

They can also help you deal with various financial tasks such as finalizing plans for your funeral or planning your estate, among other things.

As soon as you find the lawyer, you will be able to set aside money for your future expenses and designate a person responsible for your overall estate after your death.

The Process of Choosing a Professional Lawyer

The main idea is to determine the course of action if a specific financial obstacle is preventing you from doing things you like to do. That is why you should find both competent and available attorneys to represent you.

However, it is hard to find the best option from your area, especially if you do not have prior experience working with them. The first thing you should ask is the experience and background so that you can determine whether he/she has enough expertise to represent you.

It would help if you also learned about the prior record of representing people like you in similar cases and situations. Do not be shy to ask personal questions such as training and licensure, among other things.

That way, you will find a competent professional to represent you in the court and next to the IRS.

Reasons to Find a Tax Lawyer

You probably understand everything that you will get from finding an experienced tax attorney, but the questions are why you should do it in the first place.

Remember that these professionals are both experienced and trained in representing people from all aspects of life in tax and financial matters.

Therefore, they can help you deal with numerous issues, including handling IRS communication, criminal charges audits, planning inheritances and estates, handling notices that you owe money to the IRS. You should check out Georgia tax attorneys to learn more about them in general.

Apart from these options, you can find a tax attorney to help you claim refunds and credits that you can obtain legally. We are talking about the childcare tax credit, charitable contributions, small business expenses such as office supplies and travels, earned income tax credit, and many more.

These credits will help you reduce the total amount you owe to the IRS, which will help you obtain the federal government’s refund.

What Should You Expect From a Professional Tax Attorney?

You should have in mind that professional attorneys come with specific traits that you should consider before choosing them to represent you. First, you should consider the experience of handling similar financial matters that you have.

Remember that you should know whether a particular lawyer has the proper expertise to help you deal with your financial difficulties so that you can win the specific case and prevent further issues such as bank levies and wage garnishments.

Besides, you should check out whether an attorney understands the particular tax code relevant to your specific situation.

Since the codes are constantly changing and improving, it means that you should find a person who keeps up with everything and who will understand you.

A good lawyer will have good experience handling various proceedings, IRS regulations, and precedents necessary for your care.

The worst thing you can do is hire someone directly from a law school because that particular someone does not have enough expertise to help you inside the courtroom.

You should also find an attorney who has good experience with past clients, which means you can hire him/her as soon as possible. You do not want to find someone who is difficult to get along with, rude and uptight.

At the same time, you should avoid attorneys that will use their assistants to represent you because they have other clients. Finally, you should find someone who has good references, which will give you a chance to explore numerous options available.

The references will help you determine whether the past cases were successful or not, which is an important factor for consideration.

As soon as you hire someone, you will have relevant expectations. The first and most important consideration is to find someone confident and assertive to help you with the process. The main idea is to find someone who is not afraid to argue on your behalf before the IRS.

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At the same time, you should talk with someone who will give you various options that you will be able to take, including compromise, offer, an installment agreement, among others.

The lawyer can help you reduce the money you currently owe depending on numerous factors and potential new returns. Generally, an attorney is a perfect legal assistant to help you deal with tax

and financial-related matters.

By finding an experienced attorney, you can prevent financial strains that will affect your future situation. It is as simple as that.



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