How To Apply For Canadian Citizenship And Legal Immigration Approval

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to live in. So, not hard to guess that people from all over the world apply for Canadian citizenship every year. Other convincing reasons that make Canada a perfect paradise to live in include the following. 

  • The landscape is beautiful with picturesque scenery. There’s no air pollution that makes the Canadian mainland a good place to live in.
  • The government covers the health of all Canadian citizens. Thus, you’ll get the best treatment funded by the government if you’re a permanent citizen.  
  • There are many high paying jobs in Canada than anywhere else in the world. All in all, you’ll have endless career opportunities to secure your future. 
  • Whether it’s primary education or higher studies, the universities in Canada offer the best education.

Besides, Canada is a land of people from different countries. Thus, you’ll blend in easily. That being said, such lucrative benefits are accessible only to Canadian citizens. And luckily, the Canadian government welcomes all eligible candidates to apply for the same. But the question is, how? How to apply for permanent citizenship in Canada? This is where legal law firms like Get In Canada come into the picture. This law and immigration firm and others alike are the safest platforms to apply for Canadian citizenship. They have specific programs that first recognize whether or not you are eligible for immigration.

The program that goes by the name ‘Express Entry Program’ is quite useful. When you enroll in this program, you are required to submit an eligibility assessment application. The application gathers general information about the person willing to immigrate – if you have a job offer, whether you’re coming to pursue studies or are a businessperson willing to invest in a business in Canada, your past experience, and so on. The legal team at Get In Canada then reviews that application. Upon satisfaction that you fulfill the criteria for immigration, your application is forwarded to the immigration authorities. 

There’s a standard wait time of 12 months for selected candidates. If you do not receive the immigration application in that span of 1 year, you can submit a fresh application for immigration.

Get In Canada law firm also offers another program, PNP for faster immigration. Under the PNP program, you’re nominated to work in a specific province only. It makes you a legal immigrant with the limitation to work in a specific territory only. After that, once in the province, you can apply at CIC in order to acquire permanent citizenship. 

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