How to Handle A DWI in Fort Bend?

If you are ever arrested for DUI, particularly if it happens to be your first arrest, then it can be quite confusing and frightening too. In such condition what steps you must take? How will you make sure that you have got the right defense?

Whether you are arrested for single drink or multiple drinks, your DUI arrest is going to be the same. However, it is necessary to find a Fort Bend DWI attorney after the arrest immediately, so that your case can be properly handled.

Following are the few steps that you must take in such condition.

1) Take your chemical test after your arrest

In most states, chemical test is needed and it will be punishable if refused. This chemical test can provide information about your blood alcohol level. Officers can decide your level of alcohol present in the blood when arrested.

By refusing field sobriety tests, you will be against the law.

2) Contact any DUI attorney

Always avoid hiring any general attorney for court cases related to DWI, as these laws are complex and need an in-depth understanding about the legal system.

While other attorneys can just represent you in the court, only specialized DUI attorney will be able to get you favorable outcome.

3) Locate any bail bondsman

After an arrest, posting bail is needed while most individuals can be released without any bail, while few cases will require the help of a bondsman. Bondsman will also need certain fee to be paid up front.

After you pay the necessary fee then they will also post your bail.

4) Request DMV hearing

You will get very limited number of days after your arrest, including all weekends and holidays, for making formal request for DMV hearing. With this hearing, it will be decided whether you can keep driver’s license or not.

In case, your attorney makes no request for DMV hearing, then your license will get automatically suspended.

5) Prepare for arraignment

During the trial, the arrangement is also one important portion of the trial. Never plead guilty, as it is possible to fight DUI charges and also win the case. You must make sure that you hire an experienced and expert DUI counsel to plead your case.

Danny white Author