Keeping Your Loved One Safe: Tips To Avoid Nursing Home Negligence

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It’s hard to place a loved one in a nursing home, and you probably have concerns and questions. Which location offers the best care? What is a reasonable price? Is it safe? Certainly medical treatment and kindness are of utmost concern. In addition, stories of abuse and neglect can make this transition nerving. So, how do you know which home is right? You need to spend time researching, asking around, and planning precautions. Here are three things that may offer you some comfort.

Buy Cameras

If you had children, you probably used a baby monitor to keep watch over your little ones. While it may seem odd to do this for a parent, it’s possible. Today’s modern age makes it easier to purchase small cameras. Place it in a location that offers a fairly good view, but that may not be noticeable to staff. Periodically view what’s happening. The more you see proper care taking place, the better you might feel. If you notice anything questionable, hire a boston personal injury law firm to review the tape and offer counsel.

Background Checks

If you use in-home care, make sure to pay for a full screening or ask the placement company for a copy of your worker’s review. This is not going overboard. It’s important to know who is looking after your mom or dad. While looking at communities, take the time to read online reviews and inquire about any reports to the medical board about issues. During your tour ask if they’ve had any cases of negligence and how they handled those employees. Furthermore, how they maintain quality employees and safeguard patients from harm. If you don’t like any of the answers, then avoid that location.

Schedule Visits

Arrange to pop in unannounced at random points during the week. While you cannot be there all of the time, you might be able to give thirty minutes every few days.

This transition takes time and patience. Visit often, ask questions, and keep an eye out. You are your loved one’s best advocate.


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