Services for DUI Attorney that you should know

With increasing cases of driving under the influence of alcohol and other narcotics, there is an increase in demand of attorneys for the case. DUI (Driving under Influence) is prohibited under the law and there are certain fixed concentrations of alcohol in your blood (0.05% – 0.08%), above which a person is punishable under the law, based on the jurisdiction he/ she is in.

A DUI Attorney is essential in such cases to represent you in court to plead your case. The court hearings can be a very tiresome and long procedure for such cases and can end up till the State Court hearings, starting from hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles. 


Essentially, a DUI Attorney is a criminal defense lawyer that handles cases regarding driving under the influence of alcohol. He has to represent his client in the court and also advise him into the course action for the entire trial.

Most importantly, he has to tell his client about the charges that are pressed against him and the extent of punishment of the charges based on the extent of the crime. He must have a thorough knowledge of the laws regarding DUI and be able to influence the jury and case into his benefit.

The attorney must be able to produce witnesses, evidence and find out discrepancies in the case filed by the police. Hence, he must organize the details provided to him by the client and be able to use them to formulate something that can benefit his client as well as persuade the court. 


The minimum requirements to be a DUI Attorney are:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Law
  2. Passed the BAR exam
  3. Be in the practicing state
  4. (Optional) Have previous experience through internships (Refer to )


Currently, this job is very much in demand because of the increase in cases about the abuse of alcohol behind the wheel. Many people are accused of such incidents and hence more people want lawyers to plead their cases in court owing to an increase in salary of an average DUI Attorney from the past few years.

The salary also depends on the skills, experience, and location and factors. But as a career, it certainly is growing because laws are enforced very firmly now. However, as facts have it, there is also fierce competition in this field and clients choose you based on your previous record and experience.


Paul watson Author