Sexual Assault – Essential Things That A Victim Or Survivor Must Know


Human beings are supposed to be respected in all aspects either emotional or physical because anything that happens may lead to a traumatic experience that might change one’s life. Can you imagine having a sister, mother, or someone close to you who had been a victim of sexual assault? She might have won a case after filing a lawsuit and be a survivor but the trauma will still be there and she will carry that for a long time because such incidents are not easy to forget.

Because of this incident, you may not want to stay or walk alone again, especially when you need to go to work or school, and if possible you just want to stay in your room. Let’s say that some of you may have started to isolate yourself from other people because of the fear that an assault may happen again. If you were the parents or siblings of this victim, then you will surely feel very sorry for her because she was traumatized and this is not easy to accept.

You may have a lawyer to defend you in the trial court so the person who does such a crime will be punished and sent to jail so that he can pay for his wrong deeds. This will make a victim feel better because she knows that justice prevailed but it would be best if we all know about the law and our civil rights as well. Crimes may occur to anybody and we cannot be a victim of this crime and of not fighting for our civil rights.

Sexual Assault

Every state has specific punishments for a crime and we all know that both sides have the right to bring a lawyer to the court once a lawsuit was filed. So if you are a victim or an offender, you will need to understand the law and accept a fair verdict accordingly. Millions of individuals had been suffering because of this act and some of the offenders are even under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs.

A sexual assault is a crime where offensive and unwanted touching was done in a sexual way that ranges from the battery to rape – read from for more details. This includes making bodily contact without consent, forcing a person to have sensual intercourse, and kissing to name a few. Such sensual nature is subject to assault because this is an act of disrespect to someone’s right to disagree with pleasure, lust, and desire.

This can be considered as a felony and come with a serious penalty which will depend on the case or degree of an act, such as using deadly weapons or resulting in injury, while other cases are less serious so the accused will receive lighter penalties as well. The accused may be sentenced to life imprisonment and this will be based on the state’s provision. While other states may allow probations or discretions, depending on the case or if it is a misdemeanor where only forcing is involved so it is usually a year of imprisonment.


To touch someone’s body part intimately is a criminal act, especially when there is no consent. Sometimes, due to your desires, you will force a person to touch your chest, bottom, and private part but you should know that this is a form of sexual assault. It does not matter if you are dressed or not because such an act is a major concern that may lead to imprisonment when proven true.

This may be happening to many individuals but they have fear of exposing their experience because they don’t want to hear others talking about it. Let’s say that the victim may want to hide and forget about the nightmare but she should know that the incident may happen again and again when the defender knows that you cannot sue him for his wrong actions.

Rape, Sodomy, and Penetration

You should know that rape is a common term and will always be a crime in any state or different countries. It is an act where you had intercourse with an individual who is not willing to give herself to you in bed. Because of the defender’s desire, he may have to use force or fist and may even threaten you just to get what he wants.

Sexual penetration without the consent of the other person is also a crime because this refers to the penetration of a person’s private part with an object or other parts of the body. While sodomy is about anal or oral sex where there is contact between the male or female’s private part and mouth without consent – go here to continue reading.

Intercourse with Minors

You should know that an adult having an affair in some countries is prohibited by law. Let’s say that the young lady is a minor and the boyfriend is an adult. Now, even if they are in a relationship but if one of them is not of legal age, then it could be criminal conduct, especially when there is an act of maliciousness or intercourse.

I supposed parents should also advise their children not to engage in this kind of relationship. But the problem is, it is sometimes hidden because parents are against this. In my opinion, younger generations should learn to wait until they become adults to minimize the rate of such a crime.

Other Forms

Are you even aware that a person in authority who had intercourse with a person under his authority is an act of sexual assault, especially when there is forced or threat used with no consent involved? This sometimes happens between an employer and employee, psychotherapist and patient, teacher and student, or police officer and prisoner to name a few.

It would be a different story when they are both adults, with consent, and are in a real relationship. We are just human beings and we have needs but we should also know what is right from wrong and remember that we have laws to guide us.



Paul Petersen Author