Types of Birth Injuries and Causes of Traumatic Birth Injuries in Babies

As a parent, everyone hopes that their baby is born healthy, and hopes that their healthcare provides the best care for their infants and mother. Birth Injuries are devasting and one of the most traumatic experiences for the parents and family members. Parents and family members are so excited and happy to welcome their new baby into the world, and when they find that their child suffering from birth injuries, it is very upsetting and confusing for them. They don’t know how to deal with it. A birth injury to baby is caused during, just after, or before the delivery. They also occur during the pregnancy, when there is a problem with the child’s development.  Some traumatic birth injuries are non-preventable, and there is nobody to blame for it. Parents often feel sad that they did something wrong that caused the baby to suffer from birth injuries. Some people blame doctors and medical staff for making mistakes in the delivery that caused birth injury. Birth injuries trauma lawyers in Halifax can help you get compensation for your child’s birth injury and treatment.

The Most Common Birth Injuries that are preventable include:

  • Improperly pulling or twisting the baby while making the delivery.
  • Giving the wrong diagnosis and medical treatment to the mother while she is pregnant
  • Using improper assistance and tools while delivery and labor pain
  • Failure to schedule the delivery and emergency cesarean surgery.
  • Improper care and treatment to the infant during distress and failure to regulate the heart rate of the baby.

These problems and mistakes are highly avoided and prevented by the medical staff, but still, they occur sometimes in stressful and difficult delivery and childbirth.

Types of Traumatic Birth injuries are:

  • Brain Injury, Hemorrhages, and soft tissue injury.
  • Bone Injury
  • Peripheral nerve injury.
  • Intra-abdominal injury

Birth Injuries are serious and traumatic. If your child is a victim of birth injuries then it is critical to track what symptoms and what exactly happened to your child. Early and proper treatment will help your child reduce the effects of injury quickly. There are several ways in which you can get assistance and support for your child’s treatment, stills birth injuries can cost higher than expected. If you think that your child’s birth injuries are due to medical negligence and improper treatment, then Birth injuries trauma lawyers in Halifax can help you get compensation through Lawsuit for your child’s treatment. It can reduce your emotional distress but can at least help you with the financial support so that your child gets proper treatment for a better life.

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