Sometimes people are faced with certain circumstances which can have a life-altering effect, like a disabling accident. In such a case, there is a way to collect benefits if you are unable to work. Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits are usually included in the employer’s private insurance plan. But you can also purchase a benefit plan through individual insurance plans. If you or someone you know has been disabled, then you should contact Disability Lawyer in Toronto. They will guide you through the process of claiming the premiums and help you at every step along the way.

Can you be denied benefit claims?

The insurance companies often deny Long Term Disability benefits claims for various reasons. Arguments may raise that there were pre-existing medical conditions before the accident. The insurance company’s medical practitioner may deem you to be able to work upon examination. Irrespective of the reason given, being denied disability benefit that you might be entitled to can be disheartening.

What are the avenues available for recourse?

If you have been denied Long term Disability benefits, then there are other avenues which are available for recourse. The first option available to you is to deal directly with the insurance company. You could appeal by asking the insurance company to reconsider their decision of denying you the disability claims. These appeals are often referred to as internal appeals, as they take place within the setup of the insurance company. Appeals made for reconsidering the decision varies from company to company. It usually takes about to two to three rounds before any determination is made by the company. This can be an overwhelming process for someone who has to take it on alone, especially when you have sustained injuries, both physically and mentally.

Get legal help:

Despite that, if the company continues to deny your claim, the best option available to you is to hire an experienced lawyer. They will make it clear to you about what your rights are and make a plan on how to protect them the best. If you try to do this alone then there are costs involved in trying to prove your disability and you could also miss the deadline for filing a claim. Once the statutory limitation period has passed, you will not be able to file for legal action against the company for your denied Long Term Disability Claim. An experienced and reliable lawyer will give you their expertise and help you fight for your right. Their main concern would be to get you the compensation that you truly deserve.

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