What to Look for in a White Collar Crime Attorney

It can be a time of turmoil for you when you are charged with a white collar crime. It is normal to feel panic in this situation as you are aware that investigations are being carried out on you. The best way to deal with this situation is to seek help from a white collar crime attorney. The following are a few things to look out for when you are hiring a white collar crime attorney.

Level of Experience

The white collar crime lawyer you hire must be experienced in handling white collar crimes. White collar crime is a complex crime so you will want to get a lawyer who is experienced to handle your case. He must have had experiences in taking on several white collar crime cases before. In addition, the lawyer should also come a long way with a track record of winning cases. You should avoid white collar crime attorneys that have a track record of losing cases.

Ability to Suggest Different Options and Solutions

You must hire a white collar crime lawyer that is able to explain to you about the options you have. He should be able to explain to you the implications of each of the options and how to respond when being questioned by the law enforcement authorities. Most of the time, investigators will ask questions to compile evidence that will be used against you in an interrogation so it is wise not to cooperate with them. Your lawyer should be able to guide you on the best course of actions to take during the entire procedure.

Put You in Priority

A good white collar crime lawyer will put you in priority. In the initial consultation, you can know if the lawyer respects you by giving you full attention when you are talking. He should look at you in the eyes and listen attentively instead of doing something else while answering your questions. You should feel comfortable with the lawyer who is advising you. Otherwise, you should look elsewhere for another lawyer.

Have the Right Attitude

The lawyer you hire must have the right attitude when handling your case. The prosecutor can be fierce so the lawyer you hire must have a never easily give up attitude. He must be willing to stand by your side to fight the case until you receive justice. Lawyer that has a positive attitude will be up to all kinds of challenges and hopeful for a positive outcome. He must be committed to fighting the case so that you don’t have to find another attorney to replace him halfway.

Sensitive to Your Mental Health

The white collar crime attorney should be sensitive to your mental health when giving consultation. When faced with accusation, you can feel stressful and nervous. It is not to say that you must find a lawyer who keeps telling you that you will win the case. Promising guaranteed results is a red flag to scam lawyers. Therefore, you should avoid such lawyers when making this type of guarantee.

Clare Louise Author