Why do Couples Divorce? These X Reasons Explain Why.

You may see happy jolly couples, but it hurts to see them ending up in divorce. It can take a lot of time, money and effort, so, couples usually don’t take this decision lightly. In other words, the reasons for divorce are radical and can affect happiness, health and well being on the spouses. Andrew Heft lawyer reviews some of the reasons to why couples tend to divorce.


  • Joblessness


Partners who don’t have a job are most likely to end up in a divorce. When both spouses are jobless, it may get hard to struggle financially. This can bring up many underlying issues in the marriage and may cause spouses to go for a change. When one spouse is jobless, there may also be some resentment involved. The spouse with a job may feel very burdened to provide and harbor some negative feelings for their jobless spouse.


  • Cheating


Spouses who are not faithful in their marriage are also most likely to get divorced. Cheating has been one of the most common causes of failed marriages. Usually, cheating is a behavior that is caused because of other issues in the marriage. Some of them are:

    1. Working for prolonged hours
    2. Not spending much time with the spouse
    3. Spending quality time with other people
    4. Financial issues

These reasons eventually lead to infidelity. Some partners try to forgive and forget, but some are so hurt by such actions, that they fail to see a future with their partners. Hence, this leads them to divorce.


  • Age


Studies claim that people don’t get married as easily as their parents or grandparents did. Rather, they are single and grow as individuals, taking their time to tie the knot. Consequently, fewer couples get divorced for this very reason. But, couples who tend to get married at an early age are more likely to get divorced than those who marry later in life.


  • Job


It may come as a surprise for you that there are certain jobs that can make or break a marriage. Studies have claimed the relationship between jobs are divorce rates. Certain types of jobs like gaming managers, bartenders, telephone operators, flight attendants, paralegals and bill collectors have the highest divorce rates. These jobs are very stressful in nature and demands to stay away from your spouse for longer years. Also, these jobs don’t pay well. Longer hours and lesser pay is surely a huge red sign for any marriage. 

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