Why do you require a Child Custody Attorney?


In the event of you going through child custody issue, you should rest assured it would be something that is hard to do on your own. You would require some help to go through the trauma. Your best bet would be to talk to Mitchell & Crunk Attorneys.

Let us delve on some of the essential aspects of a child custody lawyer that you should be aware of.

Role of a child custody lawyer

A custody issues lawyer would represent you in mediation. The lawyer would advocate you in disputes entailing your children. It would be inclusive of the following:

  • Guiding you through paperwork
  • Negotiating child support rates
  • Representing you in the court of law, in case the case reaches that stage
  • Becomes the primary caregiver of your child after divorce or separation

How to know that you need a child custody lawyer

In the event of having recently gone through a separation or divorce, the lawyer would be the right person specializing in child custody. He may be essential as not all divorce or family lawyers have experience handling the placement of your children. In the event of you having any doubt with whom your children would be living with and who would be supporting them, it would be largely helpful to have a specialist at your behest.

Have you determined the price of child custody lawyer?

Lawyers tend to take a different approach to how they would be charging their clients. It would also be their prerogative on how much they would charge for their services. It would be pertinent to mention here that for a simple uncontested case, the child custody attorney would charge a flat rate of all the provided services.

However, in the event of you having trouble negotiating or contemplating going to court, the layer would charge hourly. Rates tend to vary based on where you live. Therefore, you should ensure to ask up front how much the lawyer would charge for his services.

What services to expect from child custody lawyer?

In case, you and the other parent agree on out of court settlement, the process would become relatively shorter and easy on the pocket. In the event of you end up in court, the judge would be required to determine which parent has been ready and willing to take care of the child and that person would be given primary custody.

A good attorney would look forward to ensuring that the proceedings do not get out of hand and the outcome has been fair.


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